Abnabak – Under the Mask of Humanity

Abnabak is a one man Black Metal band from Agadir, Morocco formed in 2009 by Aggor (all instrument and lyrics). "Under the Mask of Humanity" is the recent Demo/EP independently unleashed from this band containing 4 tracks of purely misanthropic yet obscure Black Metal tunes. Each song presents different characters. Great melodies and nice arrangements, dark and desecrating! Vocals are cold and grim! "Under the Mask of Humanity" is such a best offer from a new band like Abnabak, and it is from an obscure land, Morocco. Check it out and give your support. 

Gevurah – Necheshirion

Released by Profound Lore Records, "Necheshirion" (EP 2013) from Gevurah (Canada) is absolute Raw and Orthodox satanic Black Metal, with no compromise. The band much influenced the giants of the genre; Mayhem and Gorgoroth, blend with the most recent current religious; Watain, Deathspell Omega and Averse Sefira. Not only that, Gevurah deliver their own cruelties and mystical occults plus deathly attacks certain parts in their music, marked here and there. The pieces, all very similar to each other are built on a cryptic riffing and tight and traveling on high speeds, transmitting malice and hatred in profusion. Nothing that has not already been done – even better and more personality – from dozens of other groups. The intent of Gevurah, however, is only to give vent to their anger and destructive iconoclast, throwing up on the listener avalanche of blast beats and black rot, and in this respect certainly capture the mark. In the end we are faced with a copy slightly more primitive acts like Katharsis and Nosvrolok. As a start it's not bad and a full sufficiency is certainly reached.